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Steam Traps

Steam Traps

Automatic valves for the discharge of condensate without discharging steam.

Operating Pressure Range: 0 - 26 MPaG
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 550 °C

More DetailSubcategories

Mechanical Steam Traps Mechanical Steam Traps
The operation principle for these steam traps utilizes buoyancy.
Also known as 'Float Traps' or 'Bucket Traps'.
Thermodynamic Steam Traps Thermodynamic Steam Traps
The operation principle for these traps utilizes the difference in the thermodynamic properties of condensate and steam.
Also known as 'Disc Traps'
Thermostatic Steam Traps Thermostatic Steam Traps
The operation principle for these traps utilizes the difference in the temperatures of steam and condensate.
Also known as 'Temperature Control Traps' or 'Balanced Pressure Traps.'

Merits and featuresBenefits and Features

A steam trap is a kind of automatic valve that discharges condensate generated during processes and in steam transport lines, without allowing the discharge of any steam. Steam trap operation principles can be roughly divided into three categories. TLV manufactures all three of these categories.

An extensive product line-up makes it possible to select the optimal product to suit the objective or application.
Each trap offers the highest level of energy conservation in its class.
Much consideration is given to the aspect of maintenance, as evidenced by designs that include the unitization of parts, interchangeable parts, and utilization of re-useable PTFE gaskets.

Application areasApplication Areas

Below are some common applications and the steam trap types that are often used for each application.

Steam Transport Lines (Steam Main Lines)
– Free float® for main lines
– Disc type
Steam Heating Equipment
– Free float®
– Thermostatic
– High-capacity free float
Tracers, Freeze Protection, Room Heating
– Thermostatic
– Free float®
– Temperature control traps, radiator traps

The different types of traps can also be used in numerous other types of applications, in addition to those mentioned above. Contact your TLV sales representative for details.