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Steam System Analysis
Steam System Analysis
Sustainable optimization

At TLV, we are dedicated to optimizing plants’ entire steam and condensate systems.

TLV has an extensive knowledge base and deep application expertise that goes well beyond steam traps and valves. TLV can provide you with expert advice on a wide range of applications, from the steam generator to the heat exchanger to condensate return system.

We make full use of this know-how in our plant inspections. Together with your technical staff, we carry out a comprehensive survey of the entire steam and condensate system. The duration of the survey depends on the size of the plant, and it can be several days. We focus in particular on detecting and preventing water hammer.

Within the scope of this analysis, we identify potential plant issues, make corresponding suggestions to resolve those issues and improve plant efficiency and safety. We calculate the energy savings you can expect to achieve from each of our suggestions, as well as the amount of time in which they can be implemented. This will give you an overview and help you to see which suggestions you can implement quickly.

We call the measures that can be implemented fastest “QUICK HITS”. By addressing these first, you can start optimizing your plant in no time.

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