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3D CAD Product Model Files (H)

Models are offered in .stp ("STEP") format, with a variety of major sizes and connection types available. Simply choose your desired product, size, and connection.


  • .stp files cannot be opened in some versions of AutoCAD. Please confirm your version can open .stp files before downloading.
    More information on importing .stp files in AutoCAD
  • .stp files cannot be downloaded on iOS devices without the use of a third-party application. TLV recommends that users download these files using a non-iOS device.
  • If you cannot download your desired CAD files by left-clicking, please right-click the CAD buttons and select "Save target as..." (or "Save Link as..." etc.) to download them.
Product(s) Connection / Size


Socket Welded
ASME Class 600
ASME Class 900
ASME Class 1500
ASME Class 2500


Socket Welded


Socket Welded
ASME Class 150
ASME Class 300
ASME Class 600
ASME Class 900

Note that 3D CAD models are not available for certain TLV products, and models may not include recent product modifications.

If you cannot find the 3D model you are searching for in the above list, tell us your required product model using the contact form below. Our office will respond to your request promptly.