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TLV goes beyond simple steam trap inspection to diagnose the steam system and deliver advice that generates value for our customers.


SSOP®: Steam System Optimization Program

Steam System Optimization Program (SSOP®) is TLV’s flagship assessment service, a sustainable asset management program that continuously optimizes the performance of the entire steam system through visualization.

Innovative management of steam-using equipment using wireless monitoring. Maintain optimal operating conditions of steam-using equipment. Enquire for details.

SSRM®: Steam System Risk Mitigation

Utilizing our steam engineering know-how and extensive experience with inspecting and optimizing steam traps and related steam equipment, we created SSRM, the world’s first service for quantifying and mitigating risk to steam systems.

Steam Trap Survey

The proper operation of all installed steam traps is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of your equipment. With our certified TMS test system, our service specialists quickly and expertly analyze your steam trap population.

Maintenance Instruments

Steam Trap and Valve Management

Energy conservation survey tools for steam trap management.