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Steam Bulletin

No. 64

Steam Bulletin

Automated Air Removal

Steam Bulletin is TLV's free bimonthly email magazine on steam systems, energy efficiency, product selection, and more.

We're pleased to share a recent Success Story from a rubber manufacturing company. They encountered challenges with the initial air removal stages of the vulcanizing autoclave process, a pivotal step influencing product quality and operational efficiency.

Their solution was straightforward yet impactful: the introduction of an automated control system. This new system streamlined their operations, reduced product defects, and decreased the reliance on manual checks. This case study showcases the tangible benefits of integrating technology into traditional processes.

To find out more about how this company overcame air related issues, read the full article in the link below. And as always, our team is available for any steam related inquiries or discussions.

Product Focus

LA Series Air Vents for Steam

Continuously discharge air and gas that build up inside steam supply pipes.

The built-in X-element is used to detect this temperature difference, enabling the vent to discharge not only initial air upon startup, but also air which enters the vent during normal operation. This makes these air vents the ideal choice for batch processes.

Product availability and delivery times vary by region.
Contact your local TLV representative for details.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Steam Bulletin.

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