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Cyclone Separators

Cyclone Separators for Steam (with Built-in trap): DC series


Fluid flowing through the steam lines enters the separator at the same speed with which it flows through the pipes. Once the fluid enters the separator, a complex series of fins channels the flow into a high-speed cyclone; centrifugal force acts upon condensate entrained in the fluid, and, due to water's higher density than air or steam, it is flung onto the outer walls.

Separated condensate drips down to the bottom of the separator, while gaseous fluid leaves the separator through exit pipes.

A Free Float® steam trap is installed in the bottom of the separator so that condensate is drained once enough has accumulated to lift the float off the valve seat.

The separator component in the DC series contains no moving parts. All fluid which flows through the steam lines passes through the separator.

Please note that the DC7 model does not include a built-in steam trap.