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  4. Thank you for visiting the TLV and TTS booths at FOOMA JAPAN 2024!


Thank you for visiting the TLV and TTS booths at FOOMA JAPAN 2024!

FOOMA JAPAN 2024, held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from June 4 (Tue.) to 7 (Fri.), 2024, has ended successfully. The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers Association (JFMA) announced that the total number of visitors to the exhibition reached 113,777, and many visitors came to the TLV booth.

At the TLV booth, under the theme of "TLV for Steam - We have ideas to solve your problems. " TLV exhibited a variety of products and services to solve the problems that our customers are facing. 
Among them, the compact type (small wall-mounted type) "SQ-C04" of the steam hot water production unit SteamAqua, which produces clean hot water when necessary and in necessary quantities, attracted a lot of interest from many customers because it is a new model, and we received many questions about the product. 

Other products on display included HeatSaver, a condensate/flash steam recovery unit that helps prevent steam and saves energy;, which won the "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award in the Business Model Category of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize 2021 (Product and Business Model Category); sensors and flow meters. We received a wide range of inquiries about steam energy conservation and maintenance, and it was a meaningful opportunity for us to share the technologies we have cultivated.

See the TLV/TTS booth