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Steam Bulletin

No. 67

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Steam Bulletin

Sizing Equipment

Steam Bulletin is TLV's free bimonthly email magazine on steam systems, energy efficiency, product selection, and more.

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In our latest Steam Theory article, "Size Matters: The Guide to Equipment Connection Sizing," we explore how choosing a connection size for your equipment may not be as simple as you think. When selecting equipment such as pressure reducing valves and flow meters, you have to consider other factors than just the pipe size as they're designed to operate within specific flow ranges.

While some might think matching the connection size with the piping is enough, in some cases, the equipment may not be able to reliably operate within the range of flow rates. If this aspect is overlooked, you could end up with oversized connections that lead to control and measurement issues, reducing your system's efficiency.

For more information on accurately choosing a connection for your equipment, make sure to read the full article or contact TLV for more information.

Product Focus

Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex Flowmeter

Reliable flow measuring system for steam, air and water

Looking for an efficient way to measure the flow of steam, air, or water? Our vortex flowmeter, equipped with a robust sensor, offers precise volume or mass flow measurements for both saturated and superheated steam, among other fluids, by measuring the vortices generated downstead downstream as it flows through. The sensor allows for a wide measuring range and resistance to harsh conditions, while the integrated flow computer calculates the mass flow. Maintenance-free with no moving parts and designed for minimal pressure drop, it's the ideal solution for reliable and efficient flow measurement.

Product availability and delivery times vary by region.
Contact your local TLV representative for details.


Symposium dinner

TLV Symposium "Steam is an Asset"

The SSOP Symposium hosted by TLV at Granta Park, near Cambridge, UK, showcased the application of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) methodologies to steam and condensate systems, emphasizing improvements in safety, reliability, and cost efficiency across various industries. The event featured discussions on energy management and achieving net-zero carbon emissions, with workshops providing practical insights into industry-specific applications.

Coinciding with anticipated updates to the American Petroleum Institute’s guidelines on RBI for steam systems, the symposium highlighted the importance of RBI for the steam industry for improving efficiency and safety. TLV plans to hold future events to introduce RBI concepts to steam users around the world. Stay tuned for news on events near you.

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Steam Bulletin.

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