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Steam Bulletin

No. 65

Steam Bulletin

Steam Pressure Reduction

Steam Bulletin is TLV's free bimonthly email magazine on steam systems, energy efficiency, product selection, and more.

Many processes require steam at a specific pressure to achieve a specific temperature, however the required pressure often differs from the pressure supplied from the boiler. In such cases, the steam pressure is reduced ahead of the process to deliver steam at the ideal temperature. Our new Steam Theory article explains the principles behind steam pressure reduction.

When reducing the pressure of steam, a valve is used to limit the flow rate, balancing supply and demand. When the load and thus the required amount of steam changes, the following situation occurs:

A pressure reducing valve (PRV) is utilized to automatically regulate the valve opening, supplying a stable flow of steam and preventing product defects. PRVs can adapt to fluctuating load conditions and reliably supply a constant pressure.

For more details on steam pressure reduction, please read the full article available through the link below. Our team is also available to assist with any steam related inquiries.

Product Focus

Pressure Reducing Valve

Maximize Efficiency with COSPECT® Pressure Reducing Valves

Experience best-in-class durability and performance with COSPECT® pressure reducing valves. These valves are equipped with a built-in strainer and Super Cyclonical Effects separator (SCE), which removes 98% of condensate at the inlet, significantly reducing erosion and prolonging the valve's life while delivering stable secondary pressure accuracy within ±0.01 MPa. The inbuilt Free Float® steam trap discharges condensate as it is separated.

Many users report over a decade of service life from their COSPECT® PRVs, a testament to their superior design in combating common steam system issues. Find out how COSPECT® can help optimize your steam-using processes.

Product availability and delivery times vary by region.
Contact your local TLV representative for details.


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We hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Steam Bulletin. As this is our final issue for 2023, we'd like to extend our warmest holiday greetings. We look forward to continuing to bring you valuable steam engineering insights in 2024.

If you need assistance with steam pressure reduction, or any other steam, condensate, or air-related problems, TLV can help. Contact our steam specialist staff to apply for a plant survey and/or consultation session.

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