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TLV Establishes New Subsidiary in India to Expand Business Operations

TLV International is pleased to announce the establishment of a new TLV subsidiary, "TLV India Private Limited" (TLV India Pvt. Ltd.) in New Delhi, India!

TLV India members celebrate incorporation of the new subsidiary

The new subsidiary, TLV India Pvt. Ltd. will work closely with existing distributors, while also expanding business operations across India with a focus on delivering localized support and services to steam users across the country.

TLV India Pvt. Ltd. will support India's industrial sector, providing fast delivery of high quality products, services, system solutions, and also offering engineering support and training to our many valued customers in the region, to help improve energy efficiency and optimize steam systems.

For more information about TLV India Pvt. Ltd. contact the local office by email at sales@tlv.co.in or phone at [91]-90032 36647.

The office address is: 317 3rd Floor, Rectangle 1, D-4, District Centre, Saket (South Delhi), New Delhi 110017, India

About TLV

TLV delivers innovative products, services and solutions for steam and air systems, from steam traps, condensate recovery pumps, pressure reducing valves, and system packages, to site surveys and management programs.

For more information, contact TLV at:

Email: webcontact-ti@tlv.co.jp  
Phone: [81]-(0)79-427-1818