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Fluid Control Equipment

Steam Traps

Mechanical Steam Traps

Mechanical steam traps utilize buoyancy to open and close the valve.
Also known as 'Float Traps' or 'Bucket Traps'.

Product Features

  • The spherical float provides an infinite number of contact surfaces with the valve seat, ensuring long service life.
  • Air venting feature for improved equipment productivity.
  • Compact design with no levers or hinges.
  • Large tolerance for backpressure allows for problem-free operation even where condensate is recovered.
Applications Mechanical traps are suitable for use in a variety of applications, including steam main lines, heat exchangers, and insulation applications such as tracers.
Operating pressure range 0.1 barg - 120 barg
Operating temperature range 0 °C - 620 °C


Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Steam traps that utilize the difference in the thermodynamic properties of condensate and steam.
Also known as 'Disc Traps'.

Product Features

The operation principle for these traps utilizes the difference in the thermodynamic properties of condensate and steam.

Disc-type traps and impulse-type traps are both examples of steam traps belonging to this classification. TLV’s thermodynamic steam traps are all disc-type traps, which allow less steam leakage and have fewer problems with scale and build-up of dirt.

Application Areas Suitable for a variety of applications, such as steam main lines, tracers, steam heating equipment, etc.
Operating Pressure Range 0.25 barg - 260 barg
Operating Temperature Range 0 °C - 550 °C


Thermostatic Steam Traps

These traps utilize the difference in the temperatures of steam and condensate.
Also known as 'Temperature Control Traps' or 'Balanced Pressure Traps.'

Product Features

The operation principle for thermostatic steam traps utilizes the temperature difference between steam and condensate. TLV traps offer three types of temperature-sensing materials to detect differences in temperature:

  • Thermoliquid
  • Bimetal
  • Thermowax
Application Areas Suitable for use on air conditioning, room heating, steam tracers, etc. Models suitable for use with steam heating equipment are also available (thermostatic steam trap L-series).
Operating Pressure Range 0.1 - 46 barg
Operating Temperature Range 0 °C - 350 °C