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Fluid Control Equipment

Control Valves, Controllers

The product lineup includes high-precision control valves for steam (with integral pressure reducing valve), multi-purpose control valves, and self-operated temperature control valves that require no electricity.

Main Applications for Automatic Control Valves
  • Automation requiring steam hotter than 100 ºC: high-precision control valves for steam
  • Automation requiring a heating source of less than 100 ºC: high-precision control valves for vacuum steam
  • Control of fluids such as steam, water, and air: multi-purpose control valves
Controller Applications
  • High-precision control valves for steam, high precision control valves for vacuum steam: multi-purpose controllers
  • Storing the set value patterns in memory on any of the above-mentioned control valves: programmable multi-purpose controller
  • Multi-purpose control valves, etc.: Multi-purpose controllers, programmable multi-purpose controllers, digital indicator controllers

Types of Control Valves

Control Valves, Controllers