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SF1 Separator Filter

Filter with integral Cyclone Separator


In regular piping, steam carries large quantities of entrained material. With TLV's Separator Filter, improve heating efficiency and product quality by removing condensate, dirt and scale.

Features and Benefits:

  1. A built-in cyclone separator (98% separation ratio) eliminates condensate, dirt and scale before filtering.
  2. This extends the filter maintenance cycle. Compared to a filter without a built-in cyclone separator, the time between required maintenance is improved nearly three times.
  3. The cyclone separator also supplies dry steam, eliminating water spots.
  4. An easy to clean 5-layer sintered wire mesh filter that maintains an extremely low pressure drop for extended periods.
  5. Compact and lightweight.
  6. A ferrule joint clamp facilitates easy cleaning.
  7. All stainless steel construction.
SF1 cut view


Example industries Typical applications
Foods Sterilizers
Chemicals Steam Washers
Pharmaceuticals Bio-related steam equipment
Biotech Industries Live steam use and so on

Demo Video

Demo Video: SF1 Separator Filter


Operation Animation

SF1 Separator Filter


Model Appearance Max Operating Pressure (barg) Max Operating Temperature (°C) Body Material Filter Grade (μm) Product Specifications
SF1 10 185 Cast Stainless Steel 0.5, 2, 5 166 kb