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Steam Trap

Free Float® Steam Trap: JX/JHX series

Before steam is supplied, the trap is cold and the X-element is contracted, keeping the air vent valve open. During startup, air is discharged through this valve and cold condensate is discharged through the orifice.

When large amounts of condensate flows in, the float is completely lifted up and the valve is opened fully. As the X-element is also contracted, condensate is discharged quickly and simultaneously from the air vent valve and the orifice. The valve opening, dependent upon the condensate flow rate, discharges condensate continuously.

When steam and condensate flow into the trap after the discharge of initial air and cold condensate, the X-element expands to close the valve seat, preventing steam loss. The float is lifted up and hot condensate discharges from the orifice.

When hot air flows into the trap together with steam during normal operation, the temperature of the X-element drops momentarily, causing it to contract and open the air vent, allowing the air to discharge.

When condensate flow diminishes, the X-element expands due to the heat of the steam, closing the air vent valve. The float also lowers to closes the orifice. A water seal is maintained at all times over the orifice to prevent steam loss.