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  • 1950

    1950.5Fujiwara Manufacturing is founded in Onoe, Kakogawa
    1955.7Release of the revolutionary A3 thermodynamic steam trap
    1958.9Fujiwara Manufacturing is reorganized and incorporated as a joint-stock company
  • 1960

    1965.9Factory relocated to current Head Office/Factory location: Nagasuna, Noguchi, Kakogawa
  • 1970

    1972.1Fujiwara Manufacturing is relaunched as TLV CO., LTD.
    1972.2Release of LEX, the world’s first temperature control trap
    1975.7Release of the ball butterfly valve
    1976.7Release of the CP condensate recovery pump
    1978.1Release of the JN series, the world’s first precision ground Free Float® steam trap
  • 1980

    1980.1Release of the UFO, the world’s first free ball bucket steam trap
    1982.10Release of the SST type Free Float® steam trap, with a three-point valve seating mechanism
    1983.6TLV INTERNATIONAL INC. (Intl. Headquarters) established
    1985.1Launch of the TLV maintenance equipment sales business
    1985.8TLV CORPORATION (USA) established
    1986.1Introduction of the CES (Consulting · Engineering · Services) concept
    1986.12Release of the COSPECT® high-precision pressure-reducing valve with built-in separator & trap
    1987.4Release of the TrapMan® steam trap computer control system
    1989.7Katsuji Fujiwara becomes chairman; Yoshiyasu Fujiwara becomes president
    1989.10TLV EURO ENGINEERING GmbH (Germany) established
  • 1990

    1991.1Release of the VACUUMIZER® vacuum steam-heating system
    1992.8Release of GT/GP series PowerTrap® condensate recovery pumps
    1992.10TLV EURO ENGINEERING UK LTD. (UK) established
    1996.5TLV PTE LTD (Singapore) established
    1998.9TLV EURO ENGINEERING FRANCE SARL (France) established
    1999.9TLV PTY LTD (Australia) established
  • 2000

    2001.9TTS LTD. (plant inspection service provider) established
    2002.6TLV ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. (Malaysia) established
    2003.9The SSP Steam Savings Plan is granted a business patent
    2005.11Release of the LEX3N-TZ temperature control steam trap
    2005.11TLV INC. (Korea) established
    2006.4TLV SHANGHAI CO., LTD. (China) established
    2007.12TLV ENGINEERING S.A. (Argentina) established
    2008.7Release of the SteamAqua® steam-fired instantaneous water heater
    2009.1TLV ENGINEERING, S.A. DE C.V. (Mexico) established
  • 2010


    SSOP® (Steam System Optimization Program) is honored at the Energy Conservation Grand Prize*

    *The “Reduction in Steam Losses from 100,000 Steam Traps” project, jointly conducted with Nippon Petroleum Refining Company (now JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co.), earned TLV the Director-General’s Prize (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy (Japan)) at the FY2009 Energy Conservation Grand Prize.

    2015.2Held Refining and Petrochemical Top Management Symposium
    2016.2Release of the iTrapSensor® monitoring sensor
    2018.12TLV PRIVATE LIMITED (Thailand) established
    2019.5TLV ENGINEERING FZCO (UAE) established
  • 2020

    2020.1CES® Survey awarded FY2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Chairman’s Prize, Product/Business Model Category)
    2020.7Yoshiyasu Fujiwara becomes chairman; Ayako Fujiwara becomes president
    2022.1iBPSSM.net won the Energy Conservation Grand Prize for using wireless monitoring to improve management of steam using equipment.
    2023.2TLV PTY LTD (New Zealand) established
    2024.7TLV INDIA PVT LTD (India) established