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TLV’s Statement on COVID-19


Dear valued business partners and customers,

TLV wants to assure our valued business partners that we are closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, and are committed to the continued support of our customers’ operations. A dedicated team at TLV has devised and is ready to execute a series of actions based on various contingency scenarios.

TLV’s current emergency plan is as follows:

  1. Protect our employees and customers.
    • Implement the best known guidelines available to prevent the spread of infection.
    • “Over-communicate” to ensure full transparency on TLV’s policy.
    • Exploit online technology to communicate internally and externally.
  2. Protect our manufacturing capability.
    • Split up core company functions and physically isolate workers to mitigate risks and prepare for all possible contingencies.
    • Closely monitor our supply layers and ensure backup plans are in place.
    • Identify and set aside a safe stock quantity in case of further escalation.

We will update the above plan as necessary to reflect the global situation and government directives issued in territories covered by TLV.

TLV’s mission is to build a low carbon society through providing valuable solutions to steam-using plants, improving their energy efficiency and mitigating risks, while achieving safe and reliable operation. By fulfilling this mission, we aspire to become an indispensable partner to our customers. TLV strongly believes creating value and amazement for both our customers and our employees is the key for long-lasting success and stability.

Therefore, TLV considers this situation as an opportunity to pursue the structural enhancement of our operations and strengthen our continuity, enabling us to focus more on creating value for our customers.

In these uncertain times, TLV is always at the ready to support your operations through optimizing your steam system and eventually making it carefree.

Ayako Fujiwara
TLV International Inc.