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Free Float® Steam Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines

Free Float® Steam Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines


A typical characteristic of steam distribution mains is that the amount of condensate generated in them is usually quite small. Steam traps used for main drainage have long hours of operation and are often installed outdoors. These traps should therefore have the lowest possible functional steam loss to minimize operating cost over the long term and provide long, reliable service.

The TLV SS / SH / FS series have been designed with precisely these points in mind, offering a range of features that make them ideal for use on steam distribution mains.

Insulated Cover (for models SS3N/SS3V)

Free Float®

Tight seal with Free Float® & 3-point Seating

Free Float®

In Free Float® traps, which use no levers or hinges, the float is moved by the buoyant force of the condensate. The distance between the float and the orifice changes in response to the amount of condensate that enters the trap. The float itself acts as the valve head, opening and closing against the seat based on the condensate level in the trap.

Because the Free Float® itself - a precision-ground hollow sphere - is the valve, the entire surface of the float functions as the sealing component. This guarantees superior reliability and long service life. For Free Float® in general, a constant water seal is present to prevent steam loss under normal operation. For applications involving the almost no-load conditions of superheated steam, the 3-point seated Free Float® traps are ideal.

Free Float® Steam Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines

3-point Seating

The 3-point seat provides a precisely machined seating surface and further improves the exceptionally tight sealing. With 3-point seating, there is virtually no steam (or air or gas) leakage even in the absence of a water seal.

Free Float® Steam Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines

Less Steam Loss

The combination of the 3-point seat and the precision-ground float yields superior sealing properties and long service life. The 4-bolt connector provides easy maintenance.

SS1 series versus Typical Disc Type Trap

SS1 series versus Typical Disc Type Trap

Automatic Air Venting

Built-in Automatic Bimetal Air Vent

Operation Animation (SS1NL / SS1NH)

In typical disc type traps, when air reaches the inlet, the disc is closed and the air cannot be discharged. In the Free Float® Steam Trap Series for Main Lines, the bimetal strip reacts to the condensate temperature. When the bimetal is cold, it holds the float up away from the orifice, which automatically and rapidly discharges any air and cold condensate. This can eliminate the need to open a bypass valve each time the equipment is started up and then close the valve after the line is purged, which saves on the cost of labor.

Air-Venting Capacity (SS1 series)

The built-in bimetal air vent rapidly discharges the initial air.

4- or 6-bolt Inline Repairable

Insulated Cover

Cover for Insulation*

Custom cover protects personnel & reduces radiant heat loss (optional feature)

The cover eliminates the need for additional insulation measures, as the ceramic fiber insulating material offers highly effective insulation. The cover also provides protection for personnel against the hot surface of the trap. The stainless steel exterior provides superior durability while remaining visually appealing indefinitely.

Effectiveness of the insulated cover

The insulated cover minimizes the effects of wind and weather, which results in substantial energy savings.

4- or 6-bolt Inline Repairable

*Applies to models SS3N/SS3V

Multiple Orientations

Multiple Orientations

Models available for either vertical or horizontal piping

Each model in the SS1 / SS3 / SS5 series is available in both a vertical and a horizontal type.

SH5VL is available only in a vertical type.


Universal 2-bolt Connector Flange*

The trap can be easily and economically replaced by simply removing 2 bolts. It can be installed on either horizontal or vertical piping.

The SST steam trap series is designed for minimal steam loss at time of condensate discharge, long-term stable performance, and for use on steam distribution mains.

*Applies to models FS3 / FS5 / FS5H

Free Float® Steam Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines



  • For steam mains
  • For high pressure/temperature superheated steam mains
For steam mains
  • For steam tracer lines
For steam tracer lines


Free Float® Traps for Steam Mains and Tracer Lines Line-up

Model Appearance Max Operating Pressure (barg) Max Operating Temperature (°C) Body Material Construction Product Specifications
SS1 series Up to 21 220 - 350 Stainless steel 4-bolt Inline Repairable 311 kb
SS3/SS5 series Up to 46 400 - 425 Stainless Steel Maintenance-free Sealed Body SS3:257 kb
SS5:258 kb
FS series Up to 46 400 - 425 Stainless Steel 2-bolt Universal Flange FS3:276 kb
FS5:277 kb
SH series Up to 100 425 Cast Steel 4- or 6-bolt Inline Repairable SH3-NL:180 kb
SH5:     119 kb
SH5-VL:495 kb
SH6:     234 kb