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Condensate Recovery

PowerTrap® (Mechanical Pump): GP10

When condensate flows into the body through the inlet check valve from the condensate inlet pipe, the float rises and the air inside the body is discharged through the exhaust valve.

In cases where Pi < Pb (back pressure greater than inlet pressure), condensate cannot be discharged and accumulates in the body.

When the condensate accumulating in the body causes the float to reach its highest position, the pushrod of the snap-action unit quickly rises, closing the exhaust valve and opening the motive medium intake valve. The pressure inside the body becomes greater than back pressure through the additional pressure supplied by the motive medium, closing the inlet check valve and opening the outlet check valve. Condensate is discharged to the outlet pipe.

The float falls with the dropping water level in the body through the discharge of accumulated condensate. When the float reaches its lowest position, the pushrod of the snap-action drops rapidly, opening the exhaust valve and closing the intake valve.