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Steam Bulletin

No. 66

Steam Bulletin

Steam Trap
Maintenance Programs

Steam Bulletin is TLV's free bimonthly email magazine on steam systems, energy efficiency, product selection, and more.

Our new article explores how a district heating and cooling company transitioned to condition-based maintenance in order to manage an extensive array of steam traps across its facilities using TLV's steam trap management system, enabling more efficient and targeted maintenance.

Implementing the TrapMan® Survey service from TLV enabled precise diagnostics and maintenance focused on operating condition rather than a regular schedule. This resulted in quicker, more accurate assessments.

The company was able to reduce inspection/repair costs by approximately 10% and the inspection time from eight weeks to one. This optimised resource allocation and ensured the continued efficiency and reliability of the heating and cooling systems, demonstrating the effectiveness of transitioning to condition-based maintenance in large-scale utility management.

Service Focus

BPSTM® Program

Stay on top of your steam trap population

TLV's BPSTM® program, "Best Practice of Steam Trap Management," a comprehensive service designed to optimize your steam system's efficiency and reliability. Our program offers a detailed roadmap to maintain and enhance the performance of your condensate drainage locations. With condition-based inspections, tailored maintenance, and a deep understanding of system operations, we assist with effective steam trap operation, reducing energy consumption and preventing costly steam loss.

By enrolling in the BPSTM® program, customers benefit from our expert analysis and recommendations, leading to improved operational stability, safety, and sustainability in their steam systems. This service is ideal for industries looking to maximize their steam system's lifespan, reduce downtime, and achieve significant energy and cost savings. Trust TLV's expertise to assist in keeping your steam infrastructure in peak condition.


TLV attended API Summit in January

TLV Corporation's booth at the API Summit garnered attention from end-users and Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) service providers alike. Participants from various sectors, including oil and gas as well as general chemical industries, showed interest. The booth also attracted a diverse international audience, with visitors from the United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

TLV Symposium "Steam is an Asset"

Join us at the "Steam is an Asset" symposium in Cambridge, UK, from 26th - 27th March 2024, on improving plant reliability and advancing decarbonisation with risk-based steam system optimisation. This two-day event features expert-led sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, aimed at industry professionals keen on enhancing steam system management. For registration and more details, visit our website.

We hope you have enjoyed this edition of the Steam Bulletin.

If you need assistance with steam trap management, or any other steam, condensate, or air-related problems, TLV can help. Contact our steam specialist staff to apply for a plant survey and/or consultation session.

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