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TLV Steam Traps aid refurbishment of Marshall steam engine

TLV Euro Engineering (Cheltenham, UK)

SS1 and JH5 Free Float traps were among the TLV models implemented at the refinery.

Marshall — Lilleshall steam engine

Steam traps from TLV Euro Engineering have been used in the refurbishment of a 300hp vertical triple-expansion reciprocating steam engine at the Museum of Power near Maldon, Essex.

The steam engine — known as Marshall — dates back to the 1930s and was fitted with a refurbished 30-year-old steam boiler from Felixstowe Docks using equipment and services from TLV.

The company supplied its cast stainless steel J3S-X free-float steam traps and brass-bodied LV13N balanced-pressure thermostatic steam traps.

Product information

J3S-X free-float steam traps
  • These steam traps can be installed on equipment that uses steam as a heat source; they provide continuous, smooth, low-velocity condensate discharge as loads vary.
  • They have a single moving part — the Free Float® — preventing concentrated wear and therefore the requirement for maintenance.
  • The steam traps are compact and feature large condensate discharge capacities.
  • They are equipped with an X-element air vent to provide an automatic air-vent function.
LV13N balanced-pressure thermostatic steam traps
  • These steam traps feature a ‘fail-open’ design.
  • They are operated by the temperature difference between steam and condensate.
  • They incorporate a multi-diaphragm construction for long service life.