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Energy Efficiency

Steam Trap Losses - what it costs you

Have you had times when you can see the white cloud of your breath in the winter and the interior of the plant is white with thick clouds of vapor?

This is a time when the outside temperature is low and more vapor than usual is generated - a cause for concern for the persons doing trap maintenance. It is recommended that a failed trap be replaced as soon as it is found.

Even one failed trap can have steam leakage resulting in losses of hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros per year. Though it depends somewhat on the other conditions, traps on applications of 1 MPaG or less will typically have a service life of many years, making it possible to recover investment costs in approximately 1 year in most regions. Vapor is not only unsightly - let’s calculate the monetary losses that shouldn’t be overlooked if the vapor results from steam leakage.

Calculating the cost of losses from one trap

Please note, values are approximate.

Amount of steam leakage (kg/h)
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  • *半角英数字で入力してください
Hours in operation (h/yr)
  • *必須項目です
  • *半角英数字で入力してください
Unit cost of steam (EUR/1000 kg)
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Cost of losses from 1 trap

Use the samples below and enter the numbers, then click “Calculate” to find the cost of losses.

Steam Leakage Hours in Operation Unit Cost of Steam
Small leak - 4 kg/h Day shift only - 2000 h/yr EUR 20 / 1000 kg
Leak - 7 kg/h Multiple shifts - 4000 h/yr
Blowing - 15 kg/h Operating continuously - 8000 h/yr

The following formula is used:

  • Cost of losses ($/yr) = A x B x C 1000
  • A = Steam leakage (kg/h)
  • B = Operation hrs (h/yr)
  • C = Steam unit cost (EUR/1000 kg)

Calculating steam leakage amounts from holes in piping

Enter the numbers, then click “Calculate” to find the amount of steam leakage from the hole in the piping.

Please note, values are approximate.

Size of hole (mm)
  • *必須項目です
  • *半角英数字で入力してください
Gauge steam pressure (MPaG)
  • *必須項目です
  • *半角英数字で入力してください
Amount of steam leakage from hole in piping

Enter this steam leakage amount into the cost of losses calculation above to find the monetary cost of the steam being lost through the hole.

The following formula is used:

  • Steam leakage (kg/h) = A² x B x C
  • A = Size of hole (mm)
  • B = 4 (Constant)
  • C = Absolute steam pressure (MPa) [Gauge pressure + 0.1]