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Statement on COVID-19 Countermeasures Taken by TLV Corporation in North America


Dear TLV Customers and Business Partners,

These are challenging times, and I want to share the actions TLV has implemented relative to product supply and technical service for your ever-important business operations. COVID-19 is unlike anything we have experienced, and our expectation is that we must remain flexible to adjust our business operations for the next 12 months or longer. At a time when site access is limited, it is crucial that we are able to provide you with excellence in technical support and product supply.

In terms of material supply, TLV’s global production is working at a normal pace – many of our products are actually produced using laser-guided robots and other robotic machining. We do not anticipate any shortages, but it is always possible that production operations may be required to cease for a short period of time. Because of that possibility, we have increased our inventory stockpile for US and Canada. Additionally, each TLV distributor has been requested to maintain sufficient local inventory so that no interruptions of material supply are anticipated.

For technical recommendations and support, 1 800 “TLV-Trap” (858-8727) directly connects to TLV’s Consulting · Engineering · Services department (CES). All members are degreed engineers, and after 1 year of service all must achieve 3rd-party certification as energy managers (DOE, AEE, IEP, NCSU). This is a site-experienced team, commonly working inside of plants to solve problems previously not resolved by others. Each engineer works from TLV’s Best Practices manual - all proven applications, matched up with 100% tested TLV products. We are increasing the connectivity capability for your access to CES, and by next week they can be reached in video calls by connecting to their LifeSize URL, which serves as their personal ID. LifeSize does not require anyone to download software to connect, provided that an updated, WebRTC compatible browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Safari is used. Simply select the URL ID of the TLV member, enter your name to identify the caller, and you will be connected. TLV IDs are being finalized by LifeSize this week and will be provided thereafter.

In order to exercise our own appropriate physical distancing, we have already reduced the density of coworkers in a close proximity work environment and have divided internal team members into three separate groups. We have initiated increased remote work capability and plan to soon rotate schedules weekly with only necessary coworkers in a building at any time. The rest of our team will be providing solutions help from remote destinations, typically a home office environment.

TLV is your partner, and we are all in this together. Our focus is to provide the best products, best solutions, and best support to you in appreciation of the trust you have placed in us.

Sincerely yours,

James R. Risko, CEM, PEM

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