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  • Steam-Fired Instantaneous Water Heater

TLV Fixes Fukutsuka Transport's Water Heater Failure

Our steam-fired water heater had been leaking for years, and its temperature couldn't be adjusted...
We were looking for a safe and reliable brand that could deliver us a water heater fit for cleaning our food transport tankers.

Previously, we (Fukutsuka Transport) had purchased a steam-fired hot water heater from another manufacturer for cleaning our food transport tanker fleet. However, the heater started leaking water and its temperature adjustment feature broke just a few years after we purchased it. While searching the internet for a more reliable system, we came across TLV's SteamAqua® steam-fired water heater and, impressed with both the functionality of the system and TLV's commitment to safety, we decided to purchase it. The SteamAqua® has enabled us to use our heavy flow sprinkler to spray down our tankers with 80°C hot water and shorten the time taken to clean tanks significantly. We've had no trouble with our SteamAqua® and have been very satisfied with the fast, helpful support offered by TLV.

Fukutsuka Transport Co., Ltd.

Fukutsuka Transport Co., Ltd.

Location: Yao City, Osaka Pref., Japan
Appliance(s): Tanker
Business Operations: Logistic services, including bulk delivery of liquid foodstuffs via tankers

Products Used

  • SteamAqua®


Steam-fired water heater leaking, with temperature adjuster broken

Fukutsuka transports liquid foodstuffs such as cooking oil and molasses using sanitary tankers specially designed for food transport. The tankers are designed to prevent bacteria from contaminating the product, and need to be cleaned thoroughly using 80°C hot water. The old steam-fired water heater we used for cleaning started leaking water about three years after we purchased it, and shortly after the temperature control system broke down and we were forced to adjust the water temperature manually. We decided to purchase a new water heater before our old one failed altogether.

We wanted our new heater to be steam-fired, able to supply large volumes of hot water for sterilization, and to heat water indirectly rather than directly to eliminate the need to add boiler compound to the feedwater.

Reason for Contacting TLV

Internet search for a reliable steam-fired water heater

The repair bill for our old water heater was too expensive, and so we decided to purchase a new one instead. Our maintenance personnel suggested a few different brands, but I wanted to ensure that we were purchasing the highest quality heater on the market, so I researched hot water heaters online myself.

Poor sterilization leads to poor product quality, and the most important elements of the sterilization process are the boiler and the water heater. Above all we wanted a water heater that never breaks down and supplies a large, steady volume of hot water every time we use it.

We found a number of steam-fired hot water heaters online, including TLV's SteamAqua®. TLV's website was far easier to use and had more in-depth information than those of competitors. I had never heard of TLV before, but the TLV website offered useful information on their products as well as handy tutorials on steam with easy-to-understand animations. The website showed me that TLV were indeed the "Steam Specialists". I was also impressed by the idea of the "troubleless valve", the motto that the name "TLV" comes from. I was convinced from the website that TLV was a maker that I could trust, and so I decided to inquire about the SteamAqua® straight away.

TLV's Homepage


By using the SteamAqua®, we are demonstrating to our customers our commitment to safety.

The SteamAqua® has obtained safety certification from regulation authorities around the world*, proof of the high quality of water it supplies. This is a very appealing point for our customers in the food industry, for whom safety and high quality sanitation is top priority.

It was a little more expensive than the heaters offered by other brands, but I figured that because it had superior longevity and capacity, it would work out to be the cheaper option in the long run.

SteamAqua® Installed On-Site


Large volumes of hot water on tap whenever needed, with no mechanical trouble and first-class support

We couldn't attach a high-volume sprinkler to our old heater, but we can use the sprinkler for sterilization now thanks to the SteamAqua®. On busy days we need to sterilize five or six tankers, but the SteamAqua® delivers the volume of hot water we need to clean all our tankers, running problem-free each and every time. What's more, whenever we've had a question about how to use the SteamAqua® in certain conditions, the TLV team has always responded quickly and offered high-quality support.

Sterilization with the SteamAqua®

Final Word

Final Word

Masanori Fukutsuka,

It can be scary purchasing a major appliance like a water heater because you never know how it will run until you install it. I was convinced by the TLV website, however, that the SteamAqua® was more reliable and technologically superior to the steam-fired heaters offered by other brands.

Since installing the SteamAqua®, we've had no breakdowns and no problems with sanitation, and so my employees are very happy with it. We will never go back to the heater brand that we used previously. I hope to continue using the SteamAqua® for years to come.

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